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Spring is here again, the air is getting warmer after a long cold winter, and the robins have come back to us.  Makers’ Market opens again after a winter’s rest, all refreshed with new products and welcoming new vendors and new customers.  We look forward to greeting old friends and catching up on the news.  Come have a coffee and maybe breakfast at The Hub, chat with the Makers’ Market vendors, and then have a wander around the Farmers’ Market across the street.  We look forward to seeing you once again on Friday mornings, starting March 25, 2011.

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It’s time to get started on all that holiday shopping for loved ones and friends!  Some customers began by attending our recent Christmas Evening.

Makers' Market Christmas Shopping Evening

At Makers’ Market you’ll find a wide assortment of gifts, and price tags to suit every budget.  Quite a few items are $20 and less, some even as low as $1!  Here is a sampling:


Christmas cookies from "gobsmacked"

Christmas hat from "Wendy Standish soap etc."

Soaps, ointments and oils by Wendy Standish

Many beautiful pottery items are under $20

Yesteryear has many gorgeous arrangements for Christmas

Cosmo Cookies offers treats for your doggie friends

Meticulous needlework from our smocking ladies

Unscented soaps by Wendy Standish

A few smaller items from our quilting table

A necklace from Crowsnest

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Just a reminder of our Christmas at Makers’ Market evening.  This event takes place today, Thursday, November 18, 2010, from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m.  Besides our regular vendors, we will have many new people on board, and the Guild Hall at 72 Charlotte St., Port Colborne, will be very full!

Of course, besides this special evening, Makers’ Market is open in the Guild Hall every Friday morning.  We’ve had a new vendor selling her knitted items the last several weeks.  She offers knitted and crocheted sweaters, slippers and ponchos, etc.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  This winter we are closing at Christmas and reopening on March 25, 2011 for the new season.  We will return with fresh ideas and new creations, and look forward to seeing you in the spring.

New vendors are welcome!  As 2010 draws to a close, this is a good time to start planning for the new year.  Perhaps you have a serious hobby you wish to take a bit farther?  Maybe you already sell at some craft shows, but would like a regular venue for sales?  One which keeps you out of the hot sun, cold, wind and rain?  Why not give Makers’ Market a try?  Tables are available by the week or by the year.

We would especially like to hear from artisans working in different media such as painting, sculpting, weaving, wood carving, glass working, high quality paper crafts, book binding, etc., so as to provide our customers with as large a variety of creative choices as possible.

We’d love to hear from you!  Whether you are a customer or a potential vendor, please come visit us at today’s Christmas sale, and every Friday morning until Christmas, and again next spring for the new 2011 season beginning March 25.

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Come celebrate Christmas in July with us at Makers’ Market all this month!  Get an early start on all your gift gathering.  Shopping at a leisurely pace in warm summer weather is so much more pleasant, don’t you think?  While you’re buying your fresh produce at the Farmers’ Market just pop across the street into the Guild Hall to see us and discover our group of craftspeople and artisans.  We’re here every Friday morning throughout the year.

By the way, there’s a rumour that Mrs. Santa Claus may make an appearance on July 2.  Come join us!

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The month of June is already here – doesn’t time just fly?  We at Makers’ Market are always busy creating for you, and we’ve been extra busy getting ready for the summer season.  A walk around the Guild Hall on Friday mornings is sure to turn up some new finds.

Smock-It was showing a cute little dress with flower trim last week, just one example of their careful needlework.

Dress from Smock-It

Crow’s Nest has necklaces made of beach stones, as well as many with interesting bead work.

Beach stone necklaces from Crow's Nest

Barrettes and brooches from Crow's Nest

Be sure to pick up a snack for Fido while you’re wandering through Makers’ Market.  Cosmo Cookies has some very tasty peanut butter dog biscuits your little canine friend won’t be able to resist.

Yester Year was displaying a plaid golf bag recently.  There’s no telling what might show up at her table!

A golf bag from Yester Year

A Touch of Clay created some elegant “Buddha bowls,” each with a handle and a word impressed on the inside.  These delightful pieces of pottery could hold a steaming cup of tea, or perhaps a salad or bowl of soup.

Buddha bowl from A Touch of Clay

"Love" written in a Buddha bowl

Karen of Gobsmacked Naturally decided to give back to the community recently, and donated some of her delicious and beautifully decorated cookies to a local cancer fundraiser  event.  Besides her tasty desserts she always has a great selection of freshly baked breads.  Can’t you just smell them already?

A package of very fancy treats from Gobsmacked Naturally

Cookies from Gobsmacked Naturally

Shirley has been very busy sewing her quilts, always trying out new ideas with a variety of fabrics.  Her microwave potato bags have been very popular.   Nautical designs  adorn a number of her quilted items lately.

Nautical-themed quilting

Karon’s detailed work with silver jewellery always impresses.  Semi precious stones as well as shells and beach glass also are important parts of her collection.

Some of Karon's silver

A few of Karon's many pendants

Why don’t you come out to see us at Makers’ Market, every Friday morning at the Guild Hall on Charlotte Street in Port Colborne, Ontario!

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The long weekend is finally upon us, the one that signals the start of cottage season, the time of both lighter days and clothing.   Backyards are redolent with the heavy perfumes of deep purple lilac blossoms.  It’s also an excellent time to stroll through the Friday’s Farmers’ Market to get some plants for your gardens and decks and balconies.  While you’re there, why not cross the street to go into the Guild Hall to have a look around?  Makers’ Market offers a wonderfully diverse array of hand made delights.

First of all, it’s hard to resist the baked goods at “Gobsmacked Naturally”!  Here’s a photo of a few cookies on display last Friday:

Who can resist these from "Gobsmacked Naturally"?

“Crow’s Nest” had some new stone-with-wire pendant necklaces, as well as some lovely beaded earrings and bracelets.

"Crow's Nest" stone & wire pendants

A bracelet & earrings from "Crow's Nest"

Blue earrings from "Crow's Nest"


Fleurette makes sock monkeys to please the child in us, and you should see her latest ones!  She makes not only sock monkeys, but also sock rabbits, sock elephants, and sock horses.  Of course her sock monkeys are still very special!  She often makes them in different costumes, and last week there were some in hockey uniform!

A sock monkey in hockey uniform!

A sock elephant




You’ll find some pretty amazing bowls at “A Touch of Clay”, hand made by our potter, Mary.  The colour accents are especially interesting.

Come on out to visit us!

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Did you ever just get that urge in spring to rearrange all the furniture?  As long as you’re spring-cleaning anyway, why not change everything around to give it a new look?

That’s exactly what we’re doing this week at Makers’ Market!

Come in to see us and discover where everyone is.  With the fresh arrangement some new products will be appearing on several tables through the next few weeks.  We’re looking forward to a new season!

If you haven’t checked out Into Pendant’s new children’s stoneware clay jewellery, it’s a must-see.  Pastel colours and special designs create a very appealing new line for the youngsters.  So come on over for a coffee, a bite to eat, some visiting, and some shopping.  See you on Friday!

Children's jewellery from Into Pendants

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