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The month of June is already here – doesn’t time just fly?  We at Makers’ Market are always busy creating for you, and we’ve been extra busy getting ready for the summer season.  A walk around the Guild Hall on Friday mornings is sure to turn up some new finds.

Smock-It was showing a cute little dress with flower trim last week, just one example of their careful needlework.

Dress from Smock-It

Crow’s Nest has necklaces made of beach stones, as well as many with interesting bead work.

Beach stone necklaces from Crow's Nest

Barrettes and brooches from Crow's Nest

Be sure to pick up a snack for Fido while you’re wandering through Makers’ Market.  Cosmo Cookies has some very tasty peanut butter dog biscuits your little canine friend won’t be able to resist.

Yester Year was displaying a plaid golf bag recently.  There’s no telling what might show up at her table!

A golf bag from Yester Year

A Touch of Clay created some elegant “Buddha bowls,” each with a handle and a word impressed on the inside.  These delightful pieces of pottery could hold a steaming cup of tea, or perhaps a salad or bowl of soup.

Buddha bowl from A Touch of Clay

"Love" written in a Buddha bowl

Karen of Gobsmacked Naturally decided to give back to the community recently, and donated some of her delicious and beautifully decorated cookies to a local cancer fundraiser  event.  Besides her tasty desserts she always has a great selection of freshly baked breads.  Can’t you just smell them already?

A package of very fancy treats from Gobsmacked Naturally

Cookies from Gobsmacked Naturally

Shirley has been very busy sewing her quilts, always trying out new ideas with a variety of fabrics.  Her microwave potato bags have been very popular.   Nautical designs  adorn a number of her quilted items lately.

Nautical-themed quilting

Karon’s detailed work with silver jewellery always impresses.  Semi precious stones as well as shells and beach glass also are important parts of her collection.

Some of Karon's silver

A few of Karon's many pendants

Why don’t you come out to see us at Makers’ Market, every Friday morning at the Guild Hall on Charlotte Street in Port Colborne, Ontario!


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Did you ever just get that urge in spring to rearrange all the furniture?  As long as you’re spring-cleaning anyway, why not change everything around to give it a new look?

That’s exactly what we’re doing this week at Makers’ Market!

Come in to see us and discover where everyone is.  With the fresh arrangement some new products will be appearing on several tables through the next few weeks.  We’re looking forward to a new season!

If you haven’t checked out Into Pendant’s new children’s stoneware clay jewellery, it’s a must-see.  Pastel colours and special designs create a very appealing new line for the youngsters.  So come on over for a coffee, a bite to eat, some visiting, and some shopping.  See you on Friday!

Children's jewellery from Into Pendants

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Welcome to Makers’ Market at the Guild Hall in Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada!

We’re a group of craftspeople, artists, bakers and artisans, people who imagine, design, make and do.  We change daydreams into reality.  We work with our hands, our minds and our hearts.  We handle flours and flowers, beads and threads, oils and cloth, yarns and glass, stones and butter, stuffing and clay, socks and silver.  Creative juices are freely flowing and boredom is unknown!

Every Friday morning the Guild Hall at 72 Charlotte Street is filled with laughter, chatter and friendliness.  We hope you’ll come over to visit us!  Take some time to enjoy a coffee and maybe a breakfast in The Hub, the Guild Hall’s restaurant.

Our creations will keep you warm and make you look cool.  They’ll feed and satisfy your insides.  They’ll clean and beautify your outsides.  You’ll find bling for home and body.  We cater to playfulness and elegance, from the ridiculous to the sublime.  We provide for people and pets.

Whether you react with lively conversation or with silent contemplation, we hope you enjoy Friday mornings at Makers’ Market as much as we do!

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